Lonnie Collier to L. M. Pardue, 10-20-1905 [pg 1]

“O My Mother” : An Alternate Hymn for Mormon Feminists?

Handwritten on a loose sheet of notebook paper and titled “O My Mother,” this hymn is from the papers of Elder James A. Wright, a Mormon missionary serving in the Southern States Mission from 1898-1901. The hymn was written down by Elder Wright in Lexington, Virginia on August 27, 1899; below the hymn he wrote: […]

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Relationship Advice: Give an Ultimatum

Everyone loves a good ultimatum. It’s your awesome, hardcore way of saying, “Hey, I’m doing something dramatic.” And people dig that. See, all good relationships are built on ultimatums. Your boyfriend is taking too long to propose? Give him an ultimatum. Random blonde girl isn’t sure if she wants to date you exclusively? Give her […]

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PHOTO: Bear Mauls Paddleboat, Confuses Strawberry Jam for Blood

Photo via The Telegraph. Loki is a Eurasian brown bear at the Blair Drummond Safari Park in Scotland. One day in his enclosure he discovered an abandoned paddleboat smeared with strawberry jam and grapes. Park spectators were slightly concerned.

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Advice: Finding Love during a Zombie Apocalypse

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you can throw most of the rules about dating and courtship out the window. But fortunately there are still some clear do’s and do-not’s, and below are some useful tips that may help your romantic life survive the growing hordes of undead that want to munch on your […]

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James E. Talmage to the Graduates of the Latter-day Saints’ University, 1904

“Be happy; happy in tears, if need be, but be happy. Discontent should have no room in your hearts. Happiness is a duty. ‘There’s a good time coming,’ but a good time is here also. This goodness should not be passive, but positive and aggressive. No pessimism or skepticism should be harbored in your hearts. […]

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Women declined entrance to Priesthood Session of LDS Church’s General Conference

“There’s a lot of you guys!” a representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said as the umpteenth woman approached him. He had been standing there for at least an hour by that point. His job? To decline the over one-hundred women asking for entrance to the broadcast of the Priesthood Session […]

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I really just haven’t been getting NEARLY enough attention lately ― and I get that it’s hard for people to give me the amount of attention I deserve ― so hey, blog is back. Look forward to lots of this.

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Halloween Preview (and Laterview): Haunted House in Benjamin, Utah

From the trip last year to the haunted “pump-house” in Benjamin, Utah, near Spanish Fork. Definitely creepy but not sure why it has the reputation of being a pump-house, just sort of seemed like a regular house. With ghosts.

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Baptist baptism JPG

The Archive: Photos! Baptisms & Boats in the D’Arbonne

In the D’Arbonne bayou near Point in Union Parish, persons are baptized into the community’s Providence Baptist Church, c. 1920. When few people can afford cars, small passenger boats and dug-out canoes on the D’Arbonne are the fastest way to get somewhere. Near Point in Union Parish, c. 1920.

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President Obama Delivers Remarks At A Meeting With State Governors

Snag for Jindal: Landmark school voucher program declared unconstitutional

It was supposed to be Bobby Jindal’s flagship achievement that, along with being the chairman of the Republican Governors Association, would give the nation’s first Indian-American governor the credentials and clout to sail through his final term on his way to the 2016 presidential election. But Jindal’s plan may have just hit a major snag. […]

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An artist's impression of what King Tongmyong's unicorn steed may have looked like.

North Korean News: Unicorns existed, archaeologists discover “unicorn lair”

No, this isn’t from the Onion. Today North Korea’s Central News Agency reported that archaeologists from “the History Institute of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Academy of Social Sciences” have discovered a lair that belonged to a famous unicorn from the Middle Ages. The North Korean news reported that “a rectangular rock carved with words […]

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Stuart Stevens speaks out about Romney and 2012 campaign

Romney’s chief campaign strategist Stuart Stevens, who has kept his head low since his campaign’s loss on November 6, penned an op-ed in the Washington Post today: “Mitt Romney: A good man. The right fight.” Nobody liked Romney except voters. What began in a small field in New Hampshire grew into a national movement. It wasn’t our […]

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