James E. Talmage to the Graduates of the Latter-day Saints’ University, 1904

“Be happy; happy in tears, if need be, but be happy. Discontent should have no room in your hearts. Happiness is a duty. ‘There’s a good time coming,’ but a good time is here also. This goodness should not be passive, but positive and aggressive. No pessimism or skepticism should be harbored in your hearts. There are spots on the sun, but the attention should be upon the beautiful light that gives life and warmth to the earth. There may be some earth still clinging to the roots of the lily, or a thorn embedded in the rose, but this should not deter us from appreciating the beauty and perfection of these glorious flowers. It may be your part to sing the treble of the song of life, or the deep bass of protest against what you know to be wrong, but whatever your part, sing it well.”