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Obama Campaign Manager: Jon Huntsman Would Have Been Tougher Candidate

In an interview with Politico‘s Mike Allen,┬áJim Messina, the 2012 Obama campaign’s manager, revealed that his team believed that former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who also served as President Obama’s Ambassador to China, would likely have been a tougher general election opponent than Mitt Romney. “Um, hmm, that’s a good question,” Messina said when Allen […]

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Trevor & Calvin Forecast [Incorrectly] That Mitt Romney Should Win Ohio

by Trevor Antley and Calvin Roberts. [Update: The election has been called, and the winner of Ohio was President Barack Obama. Our forecast, as we noted was very possible, turned out to be incorrect. While the problem with the model can’t be verified until after full election results come in, it is most likely that […]

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PHOTO: “Bears for Romney-Ryan 2012”

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How Long Will Innocent Children Be Slaughtered?

In the past week, over 100 innocent children have been tortured or murdered by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In total, a recent report from the U.K. estimates that over 1,300 children have been killed by al-Assad’s forces since the war began.┬áRimas Qatayfan, ~8 years old, was killed when al-Assad forces intentionally shelled […]

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The Man Who Challenged Orrin Hatch: A Look at a Dan Liljenquist Town Hall Meeting

After not having a serious challenger for his entire 36-year tenure as Utah’s U.S. Senator, Orrin Hatch is now facing his first primary battle since he won office in 1976. Hatch is the longest serving senator in Utah state history, but after failing to get the super-majority of votes needed at this year’s state Republican […]

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Is Mitt Romney a Unicorn? “Unicorners” Want Government to Investigate Shocking New Allegations

A new website, http://www.MittRomneyisaUnicorn.com, alleges that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is secretly a mythical one-horned horse, and the organization behind the website is calling on the state of Arizona to investigate these claims. The website has gathered almost 25,000 signatures supporting a government investigation into the rising allegation that Romney is a unicorn and […]

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