O the Vainness, and the Frailties, and the Foolishness of Men!

Here’s a pet peeve: people whose pet peeve is when people say “Book of Mormons”. FYI, they’re idiots.

There is a myth that you often hear that the plural form of “Book of Mormon” is Books of Mormon, not Book of Mormons. This was perpetuated in the Mormon missionary film The Best Two Years, where the annoying and bad-acting missionary freaks out on people who use the “incorrect form” and constantly corrects them.

Well, he was wrong. As the Church PR people will tell you, the most correct way to say it is “copies of the Book of Mormon”. “Books of Mormon” is completely incorrect and makes you look stupid.

Why? Well, you see, the title of the book is Book of Mormon. By adding an extra ‘s’ onto Book, you’re messing with the title, which doesn’t fly. If the title was simply Mormon, then Books of Mormon would be perfect. But it’s not. The title is Book of Mormon, and you can’t go adding extra letters to the middle of the title.

So, is Book of Mormons correct? I have no idea. Probably not, but it sounds good to me. And people are less likely to think you’re an idiot when you say it because it at least sounds normal.

So next time you hear some smart-alack in Sunday School try to pull this over on people and show off his grammatical prowess, SHUT HIM DOWN. This false teaching should quickly and cleanly be eradicated from our wards and branches.

That is all for now. Next time we’ll discuss the underestimated importance of the hyphen and capitalization in Latter-day Saint.