My Top Ten Bear Videos

1. A grizzly cub and a wolf cub wrestle in the kitchen. Dangerous combination of cute and bad-ass.

2. A polite Kodiak waves hello to a little girl.

3. Little bear gets the sneezes and his head almost pops off.

4. Polar bears play with snow dogs. And I’m strongly resisting using the phrase “bear hug.”

5. Sneezing panda. I know you’ve already seen it, but just take the 17 seconds to watch it again.

6. Asiatic black bear goes for a swing.

7. Sleepy sun bear can’t stay awake.

8. If you thought grizzlies were terrifying before, wait till you see what they do to these pumpkins.

9. Eurasian brown bear cubs run around, climb on camel. Camel is not amused.

10. Panda bear says get out of my face.