“By Faith”: Elders Hansen and Livingston Heal a Child at Rugg’s Bluff, Union Parish, Louisiana


The following article appeared in the Deseret Evening News (11 April 1903), page 22, column 3. As the article notes, it contains a statement written in March 1903 by William Henry Wall and Lillie Alice Gates Wall, Mormon converts living in the Rugg’s Bluff community of Union Parish, Louisiana, regarding the healing of their son by the Mormon Elders.

[For further context on the Wall family, see the excerpts from the autobiography of Lillie Wall which recount this period.]

The child’s name is not stated although I believe it was likely Weldon Andrew Wall, who was approaching one-year-old at this time (Weldon was born April 3, 1902). Alternatively it may have been their other living son, Freddie Wall, who would have turned ten-years-old on March 6, 1903.

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A Little Child Restored to Health Through Healing Ordinance.

The subjoined statement of healing by faith appeared in the Monroe Evening News of March 19. It is sent to this office in a letter dated Mosley’s Bluff, in the Louisiana conference, March 30, by Elders [Hyrum] Hanson and [Arthur] Livingston, who are laboring in the Southwestern States mission:

“We wish to acknowledge truthfully the hand of the Lord in the restoration of our little child’s health. I am a believer in Christ and His doctrines, and think He gives us the greatest prescription that has ever been given to man, viz.: ‘They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.’ Mark 16. Furthermore, in commissioning His Apostles, He said: ‘Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature: he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved and he that believeth not shall be damned and these signs shall follow them that believe.’ Mark 16:15. These signs were promised as was salvation to all who believe.

“March 13, 1903, our little child had fever and was very sick, rash and skin eruption making it impossible for him to rest. We requested Elders Han­sen and Livingston, of Utah, representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to administer to him, knowing that they claim to believe in Christ and His doctrine.

“They promptly responded, anointing him with oil, and prayed to God in the name of the Son to heal him. James 5:14.

“The child was restored to health, for which we give all praise to the Lord.

“These servants of the Lord do not claim these powers of themselves, but in all things acknowledge the hand of God, knowing how little man can do of himself.

“I would invite all who hear or see these ministers, traveling as ministers of old without purse or scrip, to give them a hearing for I testify that I have found their doctrine to be in strict accordance with that of the Bible, and that signs do follow the believers.

“W. H. WALL,
“L. A. WALL,
“Ruggs Bluff, La.”

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[JTA / Research Files / PDF Transcription] “By Faith. A Little Child Restored to Health through Healing Ordinance,” Deseret Evening News (11 April 1903): 22, col. 3

[JTA / Research Files / PDF Scan] “By Faith. A Little Child Restored to Health through Healing Ordinance,” Deseret Evening News (11 April 1903): 22, col. 3


[Separate posts are forthcoming on 1) the Monroe Evening News, the periodical where the statement was initially printed; and 2) Elders Hyrum Hansen and Arthur Livingston, the missionaries who are stated to have performed the healing and who forwarded the article to the Deseret News.]