Earliest Known Pioneer Day Celebration in Louisiana

Elders Davis and Berrett [Lillie Wall's copy] _jpeg.jpg

Elders Hyrum G. Davis and William S. Berrett

Source: “Pioneer Day in Louisiana,” Deseret Evening News (9 August 1902): 24.

Pioneer Day in Louisiana.

Elders Hyrum G. Davis and Joseph S. Wright, Jr., in a letter from [Sims]boro, Lincoln P[arish], Louisiana, July 26[, 1902], state that Pioneer Day was celebrated in Union [P]arish, La. Elders William S. Berrett, Joseph S. Wright, Peter [E.] Johnson and H. G. Davis were present, besides many others. After the feast was over the Elders of Israel instructed the people concerning the work which the Lord is doing through His servants in these last days, and urged them to keep all the commandments of God that they would be found worthy in time to come.