Mormons in Louisiana: The 2nd New Orleans–Lafayette Branch (1849–1850)

The 2nd New Orleans–Lafayette Branch (1849–1850)

A Brief Summary of the Second “New Orleans and Lafayette Branch”—The Account of Its Organization from the Branch’s Record—A Transcription of the Branch’s Initial Membership Roll.

A second incarnation of “the New Orleans and Lafayette branch” was organized on Sunday, October 28, 1849, by Elder Thomas McKenzie, according to instructions given to him by Elder Orson Hyde, one of the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. McKenzie was subsequently chosen and sustained as the branch president. His branch presidency did not include any counselors, although he seemed to rely on an Elder named Claude Clive whom he called as branch clerk.

The Berlin
The Berlin arrived at New Orleans from Liverpool on September 5, 1849. Over two-dozen Latter-day Saints died en route due to cholera.

The branch was short-lived, however. On Sunday, April 7, 1850, “a conference … was held at New Orleans for the purpose of winding up the affairs of the branch.” The second New Orleans-Lafayette Branch was then dissolved, largely due to an epidemic of cholera. President McKenzie urged the Saints in attendance to relocate up-river, and by mid-May, McKenzie had arranged for himself and many of the Saints to travel up the Mississippi to St. Louis before finally returning to the temporary Church Headquarters at Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Below is part of the account made when the branch was organized and recorded in the branch record book, as reproduced by Andrew Jenson in the unpublished manuscript history of the Church’s activities in the state of Louisiana. Jenson appended a roll of the branch’s members, which must have been compiled either upon the branch’s organization or shortly thereafter. It’s clear that the roll is incomplete, however; it lists exactly 99 members, but according to the branch record at this same time, the New Orleans-Lafayette Branch actually had closer to 140 members.

[Sunday–October 28, 1849.] The Latter-day Saints <who had located temporarily at> New Orleans and Lafayette were called together at 58 St. Peter’s St. by Bro. Thomas McKenzie, a Seventy, who had been sent to New Orleans, by President Orson Hyde, to look after the emigration from England, to organize the Saints in New Orleans into a branch of the Church, and counsel them to continue the journey up the Mississippi river as soon as they were able, while at the same time endeavoring to keep in close touch with those who should remain temporarily in New Orleans, not be able to go up the rivers.

The Meeting was opened with prayer by Elder McKenzie, who then explained the necessity of the Saints being organized as a branch during their temporary stay in New Orleans. On motion of Elder Benjamin Peel, Thomas McKenzie was then chosen and sustained as president of the branch, which was named the New Orleans and Lafayette branch. Elder Claude Clive was chosen as clerk and Thomas McKenzie as treasurer of the branch. …

Following are the names of the members of the branch, as recorded in the branch record:

01 Thomas McKenzie  [President]

01 Thomas McKenzie   [President]

02 Mary McKenzie

03 Mary Maria McKenzie

04 John Kendal   [Elder]

05 Claude Clive   [Elder]

06 Charlotte Clive

07 Benjamine Eades   [Teacher]

08 Richard Whittingham

09 Ellen Whittingham

10 Nancy Slack

11 Henry Dinwoody   [Priest]

12 Ellen Dinwoody

13 Peter Gallaspie   [Elder]

14 Martha Gallaspie

15 Alexander Gallaspie   [Priest]

16 John Gallaspie

17 Agnes Gallaspie Stewart

18 James Gallaspie

19 Helen Gallaspie

20 Caroline Parkin

21 Joseph Astle   [Elder]

22 William Fluett

23 Joseph Grange   [Deacon]

24 Caroline Peckam

25 William Corr

26 George Caffal   [Priest]

27 Benjamin Peel   [Elder]

28 [Nancy Agnus] Peel

29 James Ashton

30 John Brown   [Elder]

31 Ann Brown

32 Mary Smith

33 Richard Smith   [Teacher]

34 Charles Smith

35 William Smith

36 Hohn Smith [sic]

37 Thomas West

38 Harriett West

39 David Duncanson   [Elder]

40 Elizabeth Duncanson

41 Thomas Seddon   [Priest]

42 Jessee West

43 Isabella West

44 William Brown   [Teacher]

45 Sarah Ann Reynolds

46 Mary Elvin

47 Edward Robins   [Elder]

48 John Wilson

49 Jane Wilson

50 Charles Maxwell   [Teacher]

51 Jane Maxwell

52 Joseph Maxwell

53 John Hindly   [Priest]

54 Mary Hindly

55 Jane Tuckett

56 Charles Tuckett   [Teacher]

57 Henry Tuckett   [Deacon]

58 John Tuckett

59 Joseph Tuckett

60 Jane Tuckett

61 John Hibbert

62 John Burton Pears   [Elder]

63 James Stevens   [Elder]

64 James Hopkins   [Priest]

65 Robert Frederick Walkingshaw   [Deacon]

66 William Lane   [Priest]

67 Sarah Lane

68 Job Salter   [Elder]

69 George Shell

70 Frederick Gardner

71 John Henry Yandel   [Elder]

72 Josephine Yandel

73 John Henry Yandel

74 Johanna Dowel

75 James Inkstone

76 Ann Inkstone

77 William Ashton

78 Henry Caffal

79 Eleanor Caffal

80 James Russel   [Elder]

81 Richard Skinner   [Elder]

82 Mary Skinner

83 Titus Barlow   [Elder]

84 Mary Ann Barlow

85 Elias Hall   [Elder]

86 Mary Hall

87 Mary Ann Hall

88 Elias Isaiah Hall

89 James Boulter   [Priest]

90 James Pailing

91 Elizabeth Ann Pailing

92 Sarah Ann Vosborg

93 Zalion Latets

94 Henry Garfield

95 Maria Garfield

96 Joseph Richie    [Elder]

97 Mary Richie

98 John Everett

99 David Wilson

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