Ancient Documents in the Harold B. Lee Library

By Trevor Antley.

I thought I’d plug this piece that Lincoln Blumell, Visiting Professor of Ancient Scripture at BYU, wrote about the PBYU project in the latest BYU Religious Education Review. Dr. Blumell discusses some of the cool things in our collection, including the papyrus manuscript of Didymus the Blind’s commentary on Psalms and the 2,000 year-old gold “plate” that was found.

The article can be read online here. It is on pages 6-7 of the Review and includes some nice images of some of the pieces.

We began the actual conservation of the pieces this past Friday, where we cleaned the several Arabic papyrus and parchment fragments in the collection and mounted them into glass. Since Dr. Blumell’s article was written, we’ve found a few more interesting pieces, including a parchment from the Samaritan Pentateuch (Gen. 11-12) written in Samaritan script, which we also mounted in glass this past Friday.

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