A “Native” Joe Smith.

The St. Louis Reveille gives an account of a “would be” prophet among the Pottawatamies. Pat-e-go-shuck, an old chief, residing at Council Bluffs, on the Missouri river, has succeeded in persuading himself that he ought to live forever. He fancies himself to be peculiarly gifted, and to have a commission to hold intercourse with the spiritual world, and to avoid the grave. Unfortunately, however, for the old man’s reputation, his oracles are not regarded in so serious a light as he desires by his nation. Red men, as well as white, are prone to be suspicious, and it is suspected of the old chief, as it has been whispered of a few score of the Mormon oracle-venders, that he is willing to take a larger share in the management of public affairs, than the unbelieving portion of his fellow citizens deem desirable. Some of the tribe even regard him as rather “non compos mentis.” The Revielle says:

“Though he is chief of a small band, Pat-e-go-shuck has no wigwam of his own. As if to prove his royalty he is fond of living off of others. He visits among his friends, and makes large drafts on their hospitality. For several years he has. been projecting a visit to Washington city. (Many half mad projectors go there.) He thinks he might induce the President to build him a house, on the plan of the White House, and finish it in similar style. He was in Washington many years ago, and admired the White House very much, particularly the gold spoons.

“The old man dresses in a frock coat, leggins, calico shirt, vastly dirty, and turban. He paints, with coal dust, a black stripe across the lower part of his forehead and upper part of his cheeks, which has gained him the soubriquet of “black face” among the irreverent.— This black stripe is intended to indicate that he is a man of fasting and prayer—a great thinker—who looks deeply into things, which others are unable to penetrate. We suppose looking out of a dark background aids his mental vision, as one can see stars in day light from the bottom of a well.”