February 10, 1900

The “Deseret News” announced this (Saturday) evening that since April 1st last, six thousand (6000) copies of the book “The Articles of Faith” have been sold, and asserts that this is the largest sale of any home publication in the same length of time.

March 17, 1900

Attended meetings in Second Ward at 8 p.m. incident to the Relief Society work, and by previous appointment delivered an address. This evenings issue of the Deseret News announced that 7200 copies of the “Articles of Faith” have been sold. […]

October 14, 1900

In the evening I called upon Patriarch John Smith by invitation, and accompanied him to the sacrament meeting in the 14th Ward; where President David Cannon of St. George and I occupied the stand during the meeting, addressing the people in the order named. After meeting, Patriarch Smith, Bishop George H. Taylor and I administered to the 13 year old son of the Bishop. The boy is suffering from an attack of typhoid fever. At the house of Bishop Taylor, Patriarch Smith conferred upon me a patriarchal blessing which I copy here.

A Blessing given by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of James Edward Talmage, son of James Joyce Talmage and Susannah Praeter Talmage, born in Hungerford, Berks, England, September 21st, 1862.

Brother James Edward Talmage, According to thy desire I place my hands upon thy head to pronounce and seal a blessing upon thee. And I ask God the Eternal Father for His Spirit to indite thy blessing, and to fill thee with the influence thereof, to give thee strength of memory that you may comprehend not only thy duty but the blessings promised unto the faithful. for thou art numbered among the sons of Zion who were chosen at their birth to labor in the ministry, to labor in the interest of the youth of Zion, and to assist in gathering Israel.

From early youth thou wert taught of thy parents the principles of truth and virtue, for which the Lord was well pleased, and gave thine Angel charge concerning thee, who has watched over thee thus far, preserved thee from the evils of the world, the power of the destroyer and those who fain would have led thee into by and forbidden paths.

From thy youth thou hast been true to thy trust, honest in thy belief, and firm in thine integrity, and for this the blessing of the Lord has attended thy labors, opened the eyes of thine understanding that thou hast seen things as they are; and as thy duty has been known to them thou hast cheerfully rendered obedience, for which thou shalt verily receive thy reward. And as thou hast been called to go or come by the Priesthood, thou hast been faithful; and in thy journeyings amongst strangers thou hast found friends; and thou hast without fear or favor proclaimed the words of life and salvation unto all who would listen; and thy word has on many occasions fell with power, and the influence thereof will remain and bring forth fruit in time to come.

Therefore I say unto thee be of good cheer for the Lord is pleased with thy integrity, and His favor shall go with thee. It is thy duty to preside in Council among the brethren; to guide and to guard the minds of the youth; to be one of the watchmen upon the towers of Zion. It is thy privilege when necessary to have the gift of discernment that you may detect error and also evil. It is thy province to defend the oppressed, to chide the guilty, and to pass sentence upon the wicked. Therefore remember to be cheerful in thy deportment.

Thou art of Ephraim which is the lineage of thy progenitors, many of whom look to thee for salvation, as thou art the legal heir to this privilege, holding the Priesthood. It is thy privilege to live to a good old age, and the will of the Lord that you should be an instrument in His hands in doing much good and become a mighty man in Israel. And I say unto thee, in thy reflections go back to early youth and thou shalt realize that the hand of the Lord has been over thee for good, that thy life has been preserved by an unseen power for a purpose. Thou shalt also realize that a decree of the Father has gone forth and that thy mission is barely begun.

Hold sacred thy covenants and no power shall stay thy progress; and thou shalt have joy in thy labors spiritual and temporal. Thou shalt have great faith in the ordinances of the Lord’s House. Thou shalt lay hands upon the sick and they shall recover, for this is one of thy gifts which thou shalt receive through prayer and faith.

Thy children shall grow up around thee, bless thee in thy old age, and hold thy name in honorable remembrance. Therefore be comforted for all shall be well with thee here and hereafter. Thou shalt also secure unto thyself an inheritance among those who shall stand upon Mount Zion, saviors of men.

Therefore look forth to the future with pleasure.

This Blessing I seal upon thee in the name of Jesus Christ; and I seal thee up to eternal life to come forth in the morning of the First Resurrection, a savior in thy father’s house.

Even so. Amen.

March 29, 1901

Meeting with the First Presidency and the Publication Committee relative to the issue of a second edition of “The Articles of Faith”. The first edition has been practically exhausted for some time—only a few copies in expensive bindings remaining.

This evening I presided at the meeting of the Microscopical Society of Utah, and delivered an address […]

May 5, 1901—Sunday

Usual meetings. At the Temple Fast Meeting in the morning I was one of a number of speakers. Afternoon session of the Committee with whom I confer on the revision of “The Articles of Faith” soon to be put to press for a second edition […]

May 31, 1901

[…] When I submitted manuscript for the “Articles of Faith,” the book that I had prepared in response to the appointment of the First Presidency, I asked no royalty on the sales or other pecuniary return; indeed I felt honored in being able to do that little for the good of the Church. There was some hesitation on the part of the First Presidency in accepting the gift, partly owing to a request of mine that the book be sold strictly at cost, and partly because of Pres. Snow’s statement that a proper payment ought to be made. The first edition of 10,500 copies has been sold, and copy for a second issue is now in the hands of the electrotypers […] Several times I have been called into conference with the publication committee and with the Presidency relative to the transfer of my copyright to the Church; this the authorities desire, and for the same the Presidency declare a payment ought to be made. The brethren have urged the matter with such kindness that I could not well do otherwise than express acquiescence. I was asked to name a sum that would be satisfactory; this I declined to do, saying that I had offered the work as a gift. Pres. Snow replied that it had been accepted as a gift, but they desired to make a present in return. Today Pres. Snow informed me of the decision reached, and I was handed a check for Fifteen Hundred Dollars. I made the legal transfer of copyright to the work, and assigned all claims incident to the first edition. […]

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