September 18, 1904—Sunday

Forenoon committee meeting and afternoon consultation regarding University Sunday School. Decided to conduct the work this year as lecture courses, of which there will be one on the Book of Mormon by Brother John M. Mills, and one on the subject “Jesus The Christ” by myself […]

August 9, 1905

[…] In the course of the interview with the First Presidency, I was handed the attached letter, which has been awaiting me since the date thereof. Compliance with the request will require much time as not half the lectures have been delivered and not a line of one of them written, except as class notes.

The First Presidency
of the
Church of Jesus Christ
Latter-day Saints
P.O. Box B
Salt Lake City, Utah

July 18th, 1905

Dr. James E. Talmage,


Dear Brother:——

We should be pleased to have you print and publish in book form the course of lectures being delivered by you before the University Sunday School on the subject, Jesus the Christ, believing they will prove a valuable acquisition to our Church Literature, and that the proposed work should be placed within the reach of Church members and general readers.

Your Brethren,

Joseph F. Smith

John R. Winder

Anthon H. Lund


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