January 11, 1916—Tuesday

Made forenoon call at office of James Pott and Company, the makers of the books of second edition of “Jesus the Christ”. Called their attention to one serious departure from the first edition, due to error on the part of their reader of the final proofs. In second line on page 112, where I wrote of the Christ: “His advancement was from one grace to another, not from gracelessness to grace,” they have printed: “not from gracefulness to grace”. While they take full blame for the mistake, the error appears throughout the edition. One page 642 where I wrote of the “wickedly skilful hands” of the priestly conspirators who bargained with Judas Iscariot the printers have made it read “wickedly sinful hands”, and on page 661, instead of “one recorded utterance” we read “once recorded utterance.” Not only are these mistakes absolute departures from the printed pages of the first edition; but each of the errors was distinctly marked on the proofs for correction, as my duplicate proof sheets show. I trust there are not many such blunders.

Visited Mission headquarters. President Walter P. Monson returned this morning from Toronto, Canada, and we completed plans for our proposed visits to some of the northern conferences. Dictated letters at the Mission office.

January 12, 1916—Wednesday

Letter from home received today; it brought reassurance of cheer. Spent day in calls and business. Visited Sturgis and Walton Company, Publishers, and conferred with Mr. Walton, regarding Robert C. Webb’s recent publication “The Case Against ‘Mormonism’”, and his forthcoming larger work “The Real Mormonism”. By appointment I met the author, James E. Homans (whose pen name is Robert C. Webb); he came to the hotel with me for further consultation. The Sturgis & Walton people desire to list and sell the book “Jesus the Christ” provided satisfactory terms can be made with the Deseret News.

January 13, 1916—Thursday

[…] We reached Providence soon after 3 p.m.; and put up at the Narragansett Hotel. At night a meeting was held as per appointment in Metropolitan Hall. There were present a goodly gathering of our people, and a score or more of earnest inquirers, most of whom remained after the meeting to converse and ask questions. The spirit of the meeting was one of interest and friendliness. One man came up briskly, note book and pencil in hand, asking “What is the day of the last revelation received by your church?” He proved to be a member of the Reorganized Church; and his questions were productive of little interest, amongst those who heard. President Monson made an introductory address of about fifteen minutes, and I followed. Two elders and two sisters are located in this city as missionaries.

January 19, 1916—Wednesday

[…] Conferred with Mr. Pott of James Pott and Company, regarding the supplying of copies of the book “Jesus the Christ” to the missions. Spent over two hours writing in my room. Soon after 10 p.m. I left the hotel, and after passing beneath the river through the Hudson tube to Hoboken, I boarded the Lackawanna train for the west, and went to bed. […]

February 5, 1916—Saturday

For several days past I have devoted all spare time, as prospectively I hope to give yet further time, to a critical reading of the second edition of the book “Jesus the Christ”. The third edition is already called for. Several minor departures from copy appear in the second edition. The two issues are being compared line by line and point by point by my faithful and much appreciated associates at the Museum—Son Sterling, Miss Louise Dansie, and Brother Brigham S. Young.

February 6, 1916—Sunday

[…] In the evening I was the speaker at the services in the Eighteenth ward, which was conducted under the auspices of the Seventies. By request and preappointment I spoke on “Jesus the Christ”—not the book but the subject of the book. […]

February 13, 1916—Sunday

All spare time during the past week has been devoted to preparing additional notes and references for the third edition of the book.

Today I went to Ogden and attended quarterly conference of Ogden stake. […] The time devoted to speaking was occupied wholly by myself according to prior appointment, the address having been previously announced as one relating to “Jesus the Christ”. The interest manifest by our people in the study of the life of the Savior is one of the most gratifying evidences of the blessing of the Lord attending our recent publication. […]

February 19, 1916—Saturday

I had been appointed to attend conference in Shelley stake, but owing to pressure of work incident to revising the book, Elder George F. Richards went in my place. About 9 o’clock this evening I handed to the Deseret News officials the last of the notes, references, and alterations to be made on the plates.

February 24, 1916—Thursday

Attended Council meeting of First Presidency and Twelve in Temple. Left by afternoon Los Angeles Limited, eastward bound. One purpose of my present journey is that of supervising the alterations, (mainly additions) to be made in the plates before the printing of a third edition of the book, Jesus the Christ.

February 28, 1916—Monday

Reached New York about 7:30 a.m. Secured room at Hotel Imperial, 32d Street and Broadway. Hotel accommodations in the city are inadequate to meet present demand; and, as I learned later in the day, I was fortunate in obtaining quarters with but little search. Wrote a letter home. At 9:30 am I presented myself at the office of James Pott and Company, 214-220 East 23d Street, who have the contract for printing the new edition. To my surprise I learned that they have no part of the plates ready for my reading. A small instalment [sic] of the proof sheets was conditionally promised for tomorrow or next day. Had a shore consultation with the missionaries at Church headquarters. President Walter P. Monson was away from the city. Spent the rest of the day in visiting places of interest and in correspondence.

February 29, 1916—Tuesday

[…] Had further consultation regarding the printing; no proofs ready yet. Also had conversation by phone with President Monson.

March 2, 1916—Thursday

Received first lot of proof sheets this afternoon. Was occupied in reading them until a late hour.

March 3, 1916—Friday

Returned corrected sheets to Pott and Company. Had a conversation with the senior member of the firm, James Pott, regarding reference Bibles. This firm has bound in with the Cambridge Bible the Ready References publishes by President Charles W. Penrose. The Oxford Bible people have done the same.

March 5, 1916—Sunday

[…] At the evening service I occupied the time, as had been announced through newspaper notices and otherwise, in an address on “Jesus the Christ”. The hall was filled to capacity; and, according to President Monson, many non-members of the Church, who were not known as having previously attended our meetings, were present.

March 6, 1916—Monday

Engaged in writing and in receiving visitors most of the day. […]

March 9, 1916—Thursday 

Was engaged during greater part of the day in revising proof sheets, and returned the lot to Pott and Company in the late afternoon. […]

March 10, 1916—Friday

[…] Was engaged part of the day on the book, and in attending to correspondence. […]

March 13, 1916—Monday

[…] Mr. Walton [of Sturgis Walton Company] says the firm will list and sell the book “Jesus the Christ”. […] I dictated several letters, had a consultation with President Monson, and returned to the hotel where I found the first lot of electro-plate proofs of the new matter added to the book. The proof sheets heretofore read have been imprints from the type, not from the plates. […]

March 14, 1916—Tuesday 

Devoted greater part of the forenoon to examination of proofs, and then returned same to Pott and Company. It is not expected that paper for the new edition will be here within less than a week; in the meantime work on the plates is proceeding slowly; but, I am much pleased with the evidences of care given by the compositors and electroplaters. Mr. James Pott expressed his wish that the firm list and sell this book, and possibly also the “Articles of Faith”. A small batch of proofs was received late last night.

March 15, 1916—Wednesday

Returned proof sheets this morning. […]

March 17, 1916—Friday

Devoted part of the day to the book, and more to writing. […]

March 18, 1916—Saturday

Engaged in proofreading, and literary work most of the day. […]

March 20, 1916—Monday

Devoted early hours to examination of proofs, which I then delivered to the printers. I am surprised and disappointed at the great length of time required for making the changes in the book plates. Paper, however, is not yet here, so that no actual delay in printing is caused by the slow progress in electroplating. […]

March 21, 1916—Tuesday

[…] I was engaged during part of forenoon in proof reading. Visited Pott and Company, and returned revised sheets up to page 280. As the result of diligent and persistent inquiry, I learned that, in view of the desire of the electroplaters to have their expert finisher attend to the plates, I cannot count on receiving all the sheets within less than a week. […]

March 22, 1916—Wednesday

Was at Pott and Company’s office soon after 9 a.m. Returned corrected proofs, and later in the day received another batch, which I read at night. […]

March 23, 1916—Thursday

Made the usual early morning call at the printers’ office, and delivered last night’s lot of proofs, which completed the first half of the pages in the book. Received letter from Manager W.J. Lewis of the Deseret News Book Store asking me to urge despatch [sic]. […] Returned to the hotel and was occupied until a late hour in reading proofs and in writing.

March 24, 1916—Friday

Delivered last night’s lot of proofs early this morning. I received a definite promise that the last plate proofs will be ready by next Tuesday noon. I stepped into the Schulte Book Store, 132 East 23d St., to buy some books that I had seen in the window, and while there I had a conversation with the proprietor. He asked for a catalog of all our “Mormon” church works, as he frequently has inquiries for pro- and anti-“Mormon” literature. […] Read proofs at night; and was busy writing until a few minutes before midnight.

March 25, 1916—Saturday

Returned proofs and received another lot.

March 27, 1916—Monday

Returned Saturday night’s proof sheets early today. During the forenoon I received a batch of 100 pages, which were read and returned during the afternoon. […]

March 28, 1916—Tuesday

The last hundred pages of proofs reached me shortly after noon today. They were read and returned during the afternoon, with final instructions as to printing and binding. […]

May 5, 1916—Friday

Reached New York before 8:a.m. [sic] Took quarters at Hotel Imperial. […] During the afternoon I visited James Pott & Company and learned that approximately half of the copies of the third edition of the book “Jesus the Christ” have been bound and shipped to the West.

May 6, 1916—Saturday

[…] Today I received a copy of the third edition of the book. The press work appears to be somewhat better than that of the second edition.

May 28, 1916—Sunday

[…] During the noon recess of an hour and a half lunch was served in Southern style. Long tables were set up, and an abundance of bread, potatoes and the meat staple – chicken – together with rice, cake, etc. were supplied in lavish plenty. It was a country assembly, to me very enjoyable. The people were really affectionate in their expression of regard and appreciation of our presence. “I am shuah glad to see ya”, “I caint tell you how powerful glad I be to see ya”, and “There be a right smart lot of folks here, and we be all pleased to meet ya” were typical expressions of heart-felt welcome. […]

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