January 4, 1922—Wednesday

Attended forenoon and afternoon sessions of a meeting of the First Presidency, the Twelve, and the First Council of Seventies, listening to a lengthy but valuable report by Elder B. H. Roberts, relating to his Book of Mormon study. Brother Roberts has assembled a long list of points called “difficulties”, meaning thereby what non-believers in the Book of Mormon call discrepancies between that record and the result of archaeological and other scientific investigations. As examples of these “difficulties” may be mentioned the views put forth by some living writers to the effect that no vestige of either Hebrew of Egyptian appears in the language of the American Indians, or Amerinds. Another is the positive declaration by certain writers that the horse did not exist upon the Western continent during historic times prior to the coming of Columbus.

I know the Book of Mormon to be a true record; and many of the “difficulties”, or objections as opposing critics would urge, are after all but negative in their nature. The Book of Mormon states that Lehi and his colony found horses upon this continent when they arrived; and therefore horses were here at that time.

January 27, 1922—Friday

In addition to ordinary duties I had an important consultation with the First Presidency today and they reached the decision that in view of the great demand for “The Articles of Faith”, which has not been revised through many editions, that I devote my time to a revision of the book named, with the view to bringing it out in improved form, and with such changes in the text as may be deemed advisable—and that this work take precedence over my writing the book on “Priesthood” […]

February 1, 1922—Wednesday

This is the eleventh anniversary of the birth of our boy, John Russell. We tried to make it a happy day for him; and with all his little boyish imperfections, he deserves it.

February 2, 1922—Thursday

[…] Following this I attended a committee meeting, comprising President Ivins, Elder John A. Widtsoe, and myself, in conference with Elder B. H. Roberts, and considered with approval his proposed letter of reply to certain Book of Mormon questions.

August 19, 1922—Saturday

Here I take occasion to record a manifestation of Divine over-ruling such as I have witnessed on a few occasions, the last of which is an occurrence of this day. A man who had been excommunicated years ago on proof of gross transgression had recently been readmitted to the Church by baptism on his profession of repentance and on the recommendation of his Bishopric. Application had been made by him, and this had been transmitted to the First Presidency, to receive his former blessings by the ordinance of the laying on of hands. The matter was referred to me. I interviewed the man in the presence of the President of the Stake, and the manifestation to which I refer is that of the Divine power compelling a man to tell the truth against his will. It was evident that this man had falsified to his Bishopric as also to the Stake Presidency. Under questioning, evidently against his desire and literally with the gnashing of teeth, he confessed to other sins than those for which he had been dealt with and to recent transgressions. The evil one has very great power over him, and I fear will continue to hold it unless the man is genuine and whole-souled in his repentance. Of course, I declined to officiate in the ordinance of restoring to him his former Priesthood.

September 6, 1922—Wednesday

The rest of the day I spent in my room in the Temple […]

November 2, 1922—Thursday

I devoted a good part of the afternoon to writing […]

November 23, 1922—Thursday

Attended council meeting of the First Presidency and Twelve, which lasted longer than usual. This is the 76th birthday of our faithful brother, George S. Gibbs, who has been secretary in the office of the First Presidency through many administrations. It is also the 42nd birthday of Brother Richard R. Lyman of the Council of the Twelve.

Today I received a copy of the book “Jesus the Christ,” sixth edition, including the 30th thousand. This edition has been printed at the Deseret News establishment from the electroplates used in earlier issues, with some corrections of typographical errors and other minor changes. Both in printing and in binding the new book presents a very attractive appearance. The work has been “out of print” for months past.

A new edition of the combined Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price has been finished, and today I examined the first copy. This issue comprises 1500 copies, printed by the W. B. Conkey Company of Hammond, Indiana, and bound in divinity circuit style by James Pott and Company of New York City. This edition is printed on thin paper and forms a companion volume to the India paper Book of Mormon, divinity circuit binding […]

January 27, 1923—Saturday 

Was engaged in office work and theological research […]

July 6, 1923—Friday

I spent the greater part of the day in the Temple, engaged on revision work on the “Articles of Faith” […]

August 21, 1923—Tuesday

Spent a good part of the day in the Temple engaged in the revision of “The Articles of Faith” […]

September 11, 1923—Tuesday

Spent the greater part of the day at Hammond, Indiana, in business with the W. B. Conkey company. Made adjustments of several printing matters relating to the publication of our standard works, and considered the preliminary points requiring attention connected with the possible bringing out of the new edition of the “Articles of Faith”. Returned to Chicago in the evening, and was gratified in receiving a letter from Maia, written immediately after her arrival home. All were reported well […]

November 27, 1923—Tuesday 

Attended meeting of the Deseret Book Company with the manager and secretary, and afterward an executive meeting of the committee itself. The rest of the day was devoted to work on the “Articles of Faith” […]

December 4, 1923—Tuesday

After my trunk arrived [he was in Chicago] I spent a good part of the remaining time going over some parts of the copy to be presented to the printers for the bringing out of the new issue of the “Articles of Faith” […]

December 11, 1923—Tuesday

Spent the day at Hammond, Indiana, reading proofs of different parts of the book as set up in the varied styles of type. Went into details as to arrangement. Returned to Chicago at night. On reaching the hotel I was surprised to find my trunk missing from my room. Inquiries revealed the fact that the porter had mistaken the number of the room from which a trunk was to be taken, and that my trunk had already been sent to Detroit as personal baggage.

December 12, 1923—Wednesday

Spent some time at the Chicago headquarters of the W.B. Conkey Company, and had personal conversation with Mr. Henry Conkey, who since the death of his respected father is the head of the company. My trunk was recovered and returned to my room […]

December 17, 1923—Monday

Reached home between 8 and 9 a.m. Found that wife Maia had been ill and still suffering from a severe cold, with threatened pneumonia. I learned with sorrow of the death of my niece, Susa Harding, daughter of my sister Alice, in Provo. She has long been a sufferer from heart and lung trouble and passed away suddenly. Today my secretary and I began reading by copy the first installment of proofs of the forthcoming book […]

December 19, 1923—Wednesday

Maia is still ill, but we trust the pneumonia will be averted. I spent the greater part of the day in proofreading […]

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