Local Thirty-Four-Year-Old Virgin Dodges Interview

Local virgin Skippy Jessop.

Skippy Jessop. So many things can be said about this guy. We’ll start with the highlights: Showcased on TLC’s Virgin Diaries. Lives in his parent’s basement. Collects his own belly button lint.

Skippy is current thirty-four years old. He lives in Orem, Utah, and after repeated attempts at fame Skippy was finally featured going after girls and talking about his virginity on TLC’s hit new show. But there’s more to Skippy than reality shows and desperately wanting to lose his virginity. Or at least we think there is.

I requested an interview with Skippy, but he never responded–and thanks to Facebook’s new messaging features I know he read it. Hey Skippy, let us interview you. We promise we’re just as good as The View.

Until Skippy responds, we’ll make do with Skippy trivia courtesy of Google:

Skippy is Mormon, but on Facebook he describes his religion views as “Oprah.” A couple years ago Skippy publicly blogged about asking a girl on a date and publicly posted her private e-mail to him, complete with an invasive link to her Facebook profile, and weirdly asked his readers for input. Also while delivering pizza in 2006 Skippy helped police catch a purse-thief like a superhero and was featured on local news.

Clearly Skippy is a complicated guy. Hey Skippy, let me interview you.

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  1. My friends and I write a blog about famous people with funny names and this just brought a definite candidate for a future post to my attention. Skippy sounds like quite the character.

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