“Mormons for Ron Paul,” Libertarians Protest Outside of Paul Ryan’s Provo Fundraiser

As Wisconsin Congressman and Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan had dinner with wealthy donors and spoke to local students in the new Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah, a small group of Libertarian protesters had their say on the sidewalk outside the event.

One man wore a dollar bill taped over his mouth and carried an American flag and alternating signs reading “Occupy Provo” and “A Vote for Romney is a Vote for the Status Quo.” Another man carried a large “Mormons for Ron Paul” sign, while a nearby woman carried “Vote for Gary Johnson” and “Romney/Ryan are Not Truly Conservative” signs. As Romney/Ryan donors left the convention center following the event, the woman supporting Gary Johnson shouted, “Ryan voted for the Patriot Act!”

0 thoughts on ““Mormons for Ron Paul,” Libertarians Protest Outside of Paul Ryan’s Provo Fundraiser”

  1. Mormons For Ron Paul! We don’t have to invent anything new. All we have to do is follow the Constitution. The Constitution tells us exactly what to do!

    On the other hand Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are dictators because they both support the illegal and unconstitutional NDAA (indefinite detention, NDAA is the exact same power that the Enabling Act gave to Hitler in 1933 Nazi Germany), Patriot Act (should be called the destruction of the 4th amendment act), undeclared wars, preemptive wars, welfare/warfare state, banks bailouts, TARP, stimulus spending, lying, cheating, stealing, etc., the national ID care, RFID chip, the IRS, income tax, and the Federal Reserve System. ALL of these are unconstitutional. There was no income tax before 1913. There was no Federal Reserve before 1913. Obama and Romney are butchering our Constitution and our individual liberty.

    “Those who learn nothing from history are condemned to repeat it. This we are doing in the Americas today.” -Ezra Taft Benson

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