Pres. James G. Duffin Visits the Rugg’s Bluff Branch – Journal Entries, Oct 29 – Sep 2, 1903

October 29, 1903 – Friday

President James G. Duffin
James G. Duffin, President of the Southwestern States Mission.

Little Rock, Ark[ansas].

[…] I left for Louisiana at 10:10 a.m. [on the] 28th and arrived at Little Rock, via St. Louis, this morning and have had to lay here all day owing to our train being late and not making connection with train for Monroe. Took train for Monroe at 8:38 p.m.

October 30, 1903 – Saturday

Mosely’s or Wall’s Bluff, Union P[arish], L[ouisiana].

I arrived at Monroe, La. this morning at 5:35 and was met at the station by Elder Warren Burraston. After a short rest we came by buggy to the above place and stayed to night with Bro. Frank Pardue. Conference to come tomorrow. On arriving here I learned that yesterday as Elders Frank Peterson and George F. Jackson were coming along the road they were assaulted by two gang men and were savagely struck with a two inch scantling. Elder Peterson was partially knocked down and Elder Jackson received injuries on the arm.

November 01, 1903 – Sunday

Mosely’s Bluff, La.

Yesterday and today we have held conference. Four priesthood and four public meetings were held. An excellent spirit prevailed among the Elders and the saints. The Elders are making very good progress in their work and in reforming themselves by study on the principles of the gospel. All were in good health except Elder Jensen, who has been having the chills and fever, but is some better now. Saturday at a priesthood meeting, Elder Warren A. Burraston was appointed and sustained as President of the Louisiana Conference, and Elder David F. Stevens as his counselor and Conference Supt. of S. Schools. Elder Stevens is from Alberta, Canada, Elder Burraston from Goshen, Utah. I stayed with Brother W[illiam] Wall Sat. and Sunday nights.

November 02, 1903 – Monday

Monroe, La.

This morning Brother Levi Powell brought me by team to Monroe, where I took train at 7:25 p.m. for Shreveport.

The 'road' up from the D'Arbonne Bottom below the Rugg's Bluff Cemetery. Pres. Duffin & the other Elders walked up this road, past the cemetery, and towards Francis Creek where the Rugg's Bluff Mormons met.
The ‘road’ below the Rugg’s Bluff Cemetery leading up from the D’Arbonne Bayou. At the beginning of the 20th century, President Duffin and the Mormon Elders would walk up this road and past the cemetery to the Mormon Meeting House about a mile away.

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