Are Mormons Christian?

What with the recent controversy over a certain Texas Evangelical minister accusing a certain high-profile Mormon of being a non-Christian — because Mormonism is, according to this minister, a non-Christian cult — I thought I’d briefly address this criticism that has been repeated ad nauseum for the past two hundred years: are Mormons Christian?

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BYU’s Gay Mormon Panel a Huge Success, Overflow Crowds Turned Away

Students and visitors vainly vying for seats in the full auditorium. Photo courtesy Christopher C. Smith.


On Wednesday night at Brigham Young University, a panel of three self-identified homosexual students and one bisexual student talked openly regarding their struggles with their sexuality and how they have coped with their same-gender attraction along with their Mormon faith. All four students were attending BYU and had committed to living Church standards and the BYU Honor Code.

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BYU Students Plan Protest after Uproar over Professor’s Remarks

After an uproar this week over allegedly-racist remarks made by popular BYU religion professor Randy Bott, a coalition of BYU students known as the Provo Peace Forum are planning ways to protest. The students are careful to emphasize that they are not protesting Professor Bott or his comments directly, but rather that their goal is to assist generally in “eliminating racism from the modern Mormon narrative.”

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BYU Professor Randy Bott’s Allegedly-Racist Statements; Students Plan Protest

After being quoted in a Washington Post article regarding the LDS Church’s evolving positions on race, popular BYU religion professor and LDS author Randy Bott has been accused of making racist remarks while defending the LDS Church’s historical ban on blacks from the church’s priesthood. On Tuesday the story began to go viral on social networking sites, leaving many BYU students deeply divided over whether Bott’s comments were appropriate.

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New York Times Columnist Mocks Mormon Religion, Little Fallback

Yesterday during the GOP presidential debate, Mitt Romney stated that children in single-parent homes are less likely to be successful in life. Apparently outraged by such a scathing (and statistically-supported) remark, New York Times columnist Charles Blow tweeted the following response:

“I’m a single parent and my kids are *amazing*! Stick that in your magic underwear.”

Crazy, right? And not just the irony that a man with the surname “Blow” has the audacity to mock other people.

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