Man with Zombie Symptoms Shot and Killed by Miami Police Officer after Found Eating Another Man’s Face

Around 2:00 PM today in Miami, an unidentified policeman responded to a 911 call that two naked men were fighting along a city bike path. After arriving, the officer discovered that one of the men seemed to be eating the other man’s face, and the officer ordered the man to back away. The naked man reportedly looked at the officer, growled at him, and continued to claw and eat at the other man, after which the officer shot the naked attacker. The wounded naked man continued to eat the other man’s face even after being shot, forcing the officer to reportedly shoot him another six times, killing him.

Local police confirmed that they believed the officer had no choice but to kill the attacker after he refused to stop attacking. The man who was attacked was rushed to the hospital where he was in critical condition. The local police stated that the attacker had eaten his nose, eyeballs, and other parts of his face.

Initial reports by the Miami Herald were that police theorized that the attacker was experiencing a “cocaine psychosis” which often result in the drug user stripping naked and sometimes exhibiting violent behavior.

This story immediately began to go viral across the internet because of the pop-culture “zombie apocalypse” phenomenon. If there are any more reports of publicĀ cannibalismĀ in Florida, it’s probably time to begin stock-piling.

Below is surveillance video from a nearby building. The camera turns to the incident about 3:14 minutes in where an officer can be seen getting out of his squad car and approaching the scene. The legs of the man being attacked are visibly moving, apparently in pain as he is being attacked.

By Trevor Antley.

Advice: Finding Love during a Zombie Apocalypse

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you can throw most of the rules about dating and courtship out the window. But fortunately there are still some clear do’s and do-not’s, and below are some useful tips that may help your romantic life survive the growing hordes of undead that want to munch on your flesh.

Don’t fall in love with a zombie. There are a number of reasons not to fall in love with a zombie, the most obvious of which is that they only want you for your brains. (Which is ironic, because in real-life this is the opposite.) Some have suggested that this can be solved by strapping a simple muzzle over your zombie companion’s face — which may work, but we take no official position — but there are other, less obvious problems with dating a zombie. Most zombies produce a putrid odor due to a combination of rotting wounds, bad hygiene, and their occasional consumption of human flesh, and some apocalypse survivors may find that this smell can be hard to coop with. Zombies are also typically not very good conversationalists, although admittedly they can be good listeners.

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