Two Years of Blogging

I was browsing some old blog posts earlier and realized that yesterday was my two-year anniversary as a blogger. I made my first blog post here on August 1, 2007, at the start of my senior year in high school. My first posts were mostly amateurish political commentary where I relished in the idea of Mitt Romney as the first Mormon president. My first substantial post, written on August 2, was a rant about how annoying Ron Paul supporters were — a few months before I ran into them publicly while working at the Louisiana Republican Caucus. On September 17, probably around the time I got my first debit card, I bought this domain name and hosted the blog at it.

For the first few months I posted my observations of the 2008 presidential election in which I was completely immersed. Most of my posts reflect the natural naivety of a teenager desperately wanting to be heard about something he knows little about. Other fun posts from the time include my rant about college guys dating high school girls — a view I’ve since adjusted. Memorable comments from back then include when my brother Wade wrote, “Trevor your blog is gayer than Dumbledorf.”

Eventually, especially after the end of the Republican primary in early 2008, my blog posts became more religion-centered. I’ve rarely posted about personal things in my life, but the few exceptions include when it snowed in Louisiana and our missionary booth at the 2008 Watermelon Festival. And for some reason I wrote a review of The Rocker. A few of the posts have been lame attempts at humor.

Eventually I entered college and blogging slowed down as I radically changed my lifestyle. After that, almost all of my blog posts became centered around religion or religious history. My favorite ones include those I wrote about the prophet Zenos and my thoughts about Kolob and the third chapter of Abraham. After that shift, a majority of the comments posted came from critics or anti-Mormons, most of the time anonymous hit-and-runs. When these comments were substantive or appropriate, I respond to them. When they have nothing to do with my post, and I know that the poster is never going to read my response, I just delete them. Most of them are just a pain; I think after a couple years I have, in all seriousness, heard every single anti-Mormon argument that’s out there.

I realize that few of my posts are that interesting. Surprisingly, though, this blog gets a lot of hits — mostly from Google searches but also from bloglists like MormonBlogs and the Bloggernacle. A lot of my posts are just random thoughts or rants, often me writing about important subjects but failing to take the time or research to do it appropriately.

So why did I create this blog? Probably the same reason I wrote this long post about it — to satiate my vanity and make myself seem important. I mean, look at the name of the blog — not exactly the best example of humility. Besides satisfying my pride, I also thought this would be a good missionary opportunity. A lot of the people who stumble across my blog aren’t members of the LDS Church — at least one reader said that when the missionaries knocked on her door, she let them in because she had read my blog and wanted to ask them some questions. A few weeks later, she was baptized into the Lord’s Church.

When I started this blog in high school, I read almost obsessively everything published online by FAIR or FARMS. I was an avid poster at the Mormon Apologetics & Discussion Board (back then, the FAIRboard) — and still guilty of that one. I wanted to be one of those people who wrote intelligently about religion and politics. Maybe in a couple more years I’ll reach that point.

So, here’s to two years of blogging. Maybe I’ll make it another two.

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